About Us

The Center of Trial & Error is a virtual platform and sandbox for disruptive initiatives that will lead to institutional change.

With the Journal of Trial & Error as our flagship, we aim to bridge the gap between what researchers do and what researchers can report, to discuss and question what kind of knowledge is deemed valuable, to advocate for practices that positively impact the lives of researchers and the public, and to advance policies that put openness, transparency and compassion above profit, division and bottom lines.

Our Mission

The Center of Trial & Error believes that a more transparent, responsible, honest, and reflexive way of doing scholarship requires institutional change. It thereby tries to disrupt existing scholarly infrastructures by empowering early career researchers to develop and explore the possibilities of non-profit and value-driven platforms for academic activities.

Moreover, the Center aims to provide space for ongoing and independent reflection on academic culture, systemic structures, research and academic education and wants to connect those who (try to) enforce practical change. To do so, the Center hosts five branches around our Journal, publishing, training, research, and software development.

Meet the Team


Stefan Gaillard specializes in failure, uncertainty, and erroneous claims – both in science and society. He is one of the co-founders of the Journal of Trial and Error and currently works on the special issue on scientific failure in the health domain.

Picture of Stefan Gaillard

Stefan Gaillard

Co-founder, Editor, Special Issue Editor-in-Chief

Thomas F. K.

Having a background in theoretical physics, Thomas is finishing his master's in philosophy of science. Passionate about open science and open source software, they manage all the darn IT in this place, and do the typesetting for the journal and publishing efforts of the Center.

Picture of Thomas F. K. Jorna

Thomas F. K. Jorna

IT Director


Martijn is a historian of science and medicine and works as a lecturer and researcher at Erasmus Medical Centre and Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is also a policy advisor on responsible research at Tilburg University. In 2018, he co-founded the Center of Trial and Error and currently chairs the board.

Picture of Martijn van der Meer

Martijn van der Meer



Jobke holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Utrecht University and has been involved with the Centre of Trial and Error since its conception. They study European history at Maastricht University, in the Research Master European Studies. 

Picture of Jobke Visser

Jobke Visser

Managing Editor


They didnt write nothin
Picture of Maura Burke

Maura Burke



Interested in science communication and education, Violet has been involved with Publishers of Trial & Error since 2023. They are currently finishing their degree in bioprocess engineering at Wageningen University.

Picture of Violet Zagt

Violet Zagt

Project Manager


Marcel Hobma is a student in History and Philosophy of Science, and trained as an (investigative) journalist. His interests vary from the Philosophy of Biology to the incentive structure of science. He currently works on his Master's thesis on the cultural evolution of values in nutrition science.

Picture of Marcel Hobma

Marcel Hobma

Blog Editor