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The Center of Trial and Error is at the forefront of promoting open science, primarily through our dedicated diamond open access journals: the Journal of Trial and Error and the Journal for Reproducibility in Neuroscience. Our commitment lies in publishing research that explores the full spectrum of scientific inquiry, emphasizing the importance of transparency and learning from every research outcome.


Our Journals

The Journal of Trial and Error focuses on publishing studies with "failed" attempts or null results, shedding light on the crucial learning opportunities these outcomes provide. It serves as a platform for sharing the invaluable lessons learned from the scientific process, often overlooked yet essential for progress.

The Journal for Reproducibility in Neuroscience is dedicated to enhancing the reliability of neuroscience research by publishing replication studies, whether they reaffirm or dispute existing findings in various neuroscience disciplines such as anatomy, behavior, biochemistry, and more. This journal serves as a critical forum for sharing replication attempts of both entire studies and single experiments, alongside insightful commentaries and reviews on reproducibility issues. It aims to foster a culture of transparency and rigorous scientific inquiry, contributing to the advancement of dependable and replicable neuroscience research.


Why We Need Your Support

Diamond open access ensures that our journals are free to read and publish in, removing financial barriers to the dissemination of knowledge. This model is vital for fostering a global scientific dialogue, accessible to all. However, maintaining this model requires substantial resources:

  • Operational Costs: From staff salaries to maintaining our digital infrastructure, your donations help us cover the essential costs of running our journals.
  • Keeping our Journals Diamond Open Access: Your support allows us to waive publication fees, ensuring that researchers worldwide can share their findings and access others' work freely.
  • Future Initiatives: Contributions fund the development of new projects aimed at promoting open science, further expanding the reach and impact of research.

How to Support Us

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Your contribution plays a critical role in advancing open science. By supporting the Center of Trial and Error and our journals, you're endorsing a culture of transparency and collaboration essential for scientific progress.